using concurrent::Actor
using concurrent::ActorPool
using concurrent::AtomicRef
using concurrent::AtomicBool
using web::WebMod
using afIoc
using afIocConfig::ConfigSource

** The `web::WebMod` that runs in [Wisp]`pod:wisp`. 
const class BedSheetWebMod : WebMod {
    private const static Log log := Utils.getLog(BedSheetWebMod#)

    ** Returns 'pod.dis' (or ''if not found) from the application's pod meta, or the pod name if neither are defined.
    const Str       appName
    ** The port number this Bed App will be listening on. 
    const Int       port

    ** The IoC registry.
    const Registry  registry

    private const MiddlewarePipeline pipeline

    ** Creates this 'WebMod'. Use a 'BedSheetBuilder' to create the 'Registry' instance - it ensures all the options have been set.
    new make(Registry registry) {
        bedServer       := (BedSheetServer) registry.activeScope.serviceById(BedSheetServer#.qname)
        this.registry   = registry      
        this.appName    = bedServer.appName
        this.port       = bedServer.port
        // BUGFIX: eager load the middleware pipeline, so we can use the ErrMiddleware
        // otherwise Errs thrown when instantiating middleware end up in limbo
        // Errs from the FileHandler ctor are a prime example
        this.pipeline   = registry.activeScope.serviceById(MiddlewarePipeline#.qname)

    override Void onService() {
        req.mod = this

        try {
            registry.activeScope.createChild("request") {
                // this is actual call to BedSheet! 
                // the rest of this class is just startup and error handling fluff! 

        } catch (RegistryShutdownErr err) {
            // nothing we can do here
            if (!res.isCommitted)
                res.sendErr(500, "BedSheet shutting down...")

        // theoretically, this should have already been dealt with by our ErrMiddleware...
        // ...but it's handy for BedSheet development!
        } catch (Err err) {
            // try to send something to the browser
            errLog := err.traceToStr
            try {
                errPrinter := (ErrPrinterStr) registry.activeScope.serviceById(ErrPrinterStr#.qname)
                errLog = errPrinter.errToStr(err)
            } catch {}

            // log and throw, because we don't trust Wisp to log it
            if (!res.isCommitted)
                res.sendErr(500, "${err.typeof} - ${err.msg}")

            throw err

    override Void onStart() {
        // start the destroyer!
        meta := (RegistryMeta)   registry.activeScope.serviceById(RegistryMeta#.qname)
        beds := (BedSheetServer) registry.activeScope.serviceById(BedSheetServer#.qname)
        if (meta.options[BsConstants.meta_pingProxy] == true) {
            pingPort := (Int) meta.options[BsConstants.meta_proxyPort]
            destroyer := (AppDestroyer), [ActorPool(), pingPort])

        // print BedSheet connection details
        configSrc := (ConfigSource) registry.activeScope.serviceByType(ConfigSource#)
        host := (Uri) configSrc.get(, Uri#)
        ver  := beds.appPod?.version, ver, host))
    override Void onStop() {