Fantom Pod Repository

Libraries for the Fantom Language are called pods.

This is a repository of pods.



This repository has 546 public versions of 62 public pods.

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Latest Updates

Fancordion 1.1.4

Fancordion 1.1.4 by Steve Eynon

15th Jan 2018
A tool for creating automated acceptance tests and specification documents
API / User Guide

BedSheet 1.5.8

BedSheet 1.5.8 by Steve Eynon

18th Dec 2017
A fresh, crisp and clean platform to lay your web app on!
API / User Guide

Form Bean 1.2.0

Form Bean 1.2.0 by Steve Eynon

7th Dec 2017
Renders Fantom objects as HTML forms complete with client and server side validation
API / User Guide

studsTools 1.8

studsTools 1.8 by afrankvt

30th Nov 2017
Studs Build Tool Support

studs 1.8

studs 1.8 by afrankvt

30th Nov 2017
Studs embedded Fantom API

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Latest Pods

ANSI Terminal 0.9.0

ANSI Terminal 0.9.0 by Steve Eynon

13th Nov 2017
ANSI Terminal FWT Widget
API / User Guide

Escape the Mainframe 1.0.0

Escape the Mainframe 1.0.0 by Steve Eynon

5th Sep 2017
A jump game rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics!
User Guide

smileCore 1.4.0

smileCore 1.4.0 by Matthew

29th Aug 2017
Wraps core jars from SMILE project (graph, math, core)

slf4j_nop 1.7.25

slf4j_nop 1.7.25 by Matthew

24th Aug 2017
SLF4J wrapper for NOP implementation

Ask Fanny 0.0.4

Ask Fanny 0.0.4 by Steve Eynon

26th Aug 2017
Mini search engine for the Fantom reference documentation
API / User Guide

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