BounceRelease Notes


  • New: Added BedClient.refresh() method.
  • Chg: Updated to use Butter 1.2.6.


  • New: Added FormInput.enabled and FormInput.disabled fields.
  • Chg: Updated code to use IoC 3.0.4.
  • Bug: NPE fix for FormInput.get()
  • Bug: Empty file inputs are not sent to the server.
  • Bug: Better handling / err msgs for dodgy elem indexes.


  • New: Support for multi-part forms and file uploads.
  • New: Support for radio buttons in HtmlInput.
  • New: HTML5 form attribute is honoured on Submit buttons.
  • Chg: Tweaked to compile against BedSheet 1.5.2.


  • Chg: Updated to work with Fantom 1.0.68, IoC v3, and BedSheet 1.5. (Breaking change.)
  • Chg: Added BedServer.removeModule()
  • Chg: BedServer methods are now more inline with IoC 3.
  • Chg: BedTerminator ctor is now public - handy for creating your own Butter middleware stacks.
  • Chg: Referrer HTTP Header is now set when submitting forms and clicking links.
  • Bug: CastErr was thrown when an enclosing form could not be found for an <input>, now it's a test failure.





  • New: FormInput for a consistent means to get and set the value of any form field element.
  • New: Element methods hasAttr(), verifyAttrExists() and xelem().
  • Chg: Form element values may return null if a value has not been set.
  • Chg: Renamed Element.classs() -> Element.cssClass() along with other similar methods.
  • Chg: Link may also represent a SubmitButton.
  • Chg: Link.href now returns a Uri.
  • Chg: Err is now thrown when submitting a form with a method other than GET or POST.
  • Bug: Select options are now selected and not checked... Duh!
  • Bug: Link clicks and form submits now properly (percent) decode URLs.
  • Bug: Submitting encoded forms now always sets the Content-Length HTTP request header.


  • New: Uses HtmlParser to parse documents of content type text/html.




  • New: Added Link.verifyHrefEq().
  • Chg: BedClient.webSession() now takes a Bool create argument so tests can create web sessions.


  • New: Added Element.elementName.
  • Bug: Element.getAtIndex() threw a CastErr if called on a subclass of Element.


  • Bug: Submitting forms from arbitrary elements could cause a NullErr.


  • New: Support for HTML5 submit attributes formaction, formmethod and formenctype.
  • New: SubmitButton support for <input type="image"> and <button type="submit">.


  • New: Can now use the HTML Elements outside of a BedSheet application.
  • Chg: Updated WebSession to work with new BedSheet 1.3.8 changes.
  • Chg: Form elements with no name now cause warning messages, not Errs.



  • New: HTML Element classes with an abundance of helper and verify methods.


  • Chg: BedTerminator more closely follows Butter's HttpTerminator
  • Chg: Renamed to BedClient().selectCss()


  • New: Preview Release