BsonRelease Notes



  • Chg: Added workaround for non-UTF-8 characters in MongoDB err msgs. See issue SERVER-50454 for details.


  • New: Timestamp now overrides compare() for <=> comparison usage.
  • Bug: Could not serialise strings with upper-end UTF-8 characters.


  • New: Complete re-write to incorporate the latest BSON specifications.
  • Chg: Deprecated BSON objects (e.g. Code with Scope) are no longer supported.
  • Chg: BSON document serialisation (via new BsonIO class) has been vastly optimised.


  • New: field to set the time zone in which DateTimes are returned.
  • New: BsonType.fromType().
  • Chg: Converted MinKey and MaxKey to singleton classes. (Potential breaking change.)
  • Chg: Optimised BsonReader, BsonWriter, and BsonType.
  • Chg: Refactored out / removed some internal classes.
  • Chg: BSON types are now final - for speedy checks by BsonType. (Potential breaking change.)


  • New: toJs() methods for Binary, MinKey, MaxKey, ObjectId, & Timestamp.
  • New: returns a unique Timestamp.
  • Chg: Binary and Code are now const classes. (Breaking change.)
  • Chg: Better Fantom serialization for Binary. (Breaking change.)
  • Chg: Changed Timestamp.seconds from a Duration to an Int. (Breaking change.)
  • Chg: Better IP hash in ObjectId for IP6 addresses.


  • New: Initial release.
  • New: BsonWriter caches nested document sizes for increased performance.
  • Bug: Worked around the dodgy DateTime.fromJava() quirks.


  • New: Preview release.