const mixinafDuvet::DuvetConfigIds


IoC Config values for Duvet.



const static Str baseModuleUrl := "afDuvet.baseModuleUrl"

The base URL (local to BedSheet) where RequireJS / AMD modules are loaded from. It should be mapped by BedSheet's FileHandler service as this is where you save your Javascript modules.

Override this URL should it conflict with an existing BedSheet Route.

Defaults to `/modules/`.



const static Str disableSmartInsertion := "afDuvet.disableSmartInsertion"

By default, Duvet will try to insert RequireJS and other script tags before the last <script> tag in the HTML. This allows you to write your own require() script functions at the bottom of the HTML page and still have access to RequireJS. (Which is handy for quick wins in development).

But inevitably this smart insertion will fail at some point, especially if the script contains the character sequence </script> in a comment or similar; it is, after all, just regular expression matching.

So setting this config to true disables the (ahem) smart insertion and bangs in all scripts just before the closing </body> tag.



const static Str requireJsFile := "afDuvet.requireJsFile"

The file that will be served under the RequireJS URL. Override it should you wish to serve a custom / updated version of RequireJS.

Defaults to `fan://afDuvet/res/require-2.1.14.js`.get.



const static Str requireJsTimeout := "afDuvet.requireJsTimeout"

How long RequireJs waits before giving up on loading a script. Setting it to 0 or null disables the timeout. Equates to the waitSeconds config option.

Defaults to 15sec.



const static Str requireJsUrl := "afDuvet.requireJsUrl"

The URL that the RequireJS library will be served under. Override it should it conflict with an existing BedSheet Route.

Defaults to `/scripts/require-2.1.14.js`.