EggboxRelease Notes



  • Chg: Updates the API parsing to the latest Fantom code.
  • Bug: Fixed an NPE when parsing Fandoc summaries.


  • Chg: Updated to latest Mongo / Morphia drivers.
  • Chg: Replaced a slow, deprecated Map Reduce operation with a speedy Aggregate operation.


  • New: Support for /doc/icon.svg.
  • Chg: A pod's display name is now taken from the meta pod.dis.
  • Chg: Added og:image:width and og:image:height meta to the pod summary page; as wanted by facebook and Reddit.
  • Chg: New branding images.
  • Bug: General fandoc errors caused NPEs when scanning for Invalid Links.
  • Bug: Invalid URIs caused ParseErrs when writing HTML.


  • Chg: A pod's display name is now taken from the meta pod.displayName and not
  • Bug: Pods without tags were not displayed on the Search page.
  • Bug: Saving user details would give error message "Email is required" even though the field is read only. (Reported by Andy Frank - Thanks!)
  • Bug: Pod edit page marked many fields as required, even though they weren't. (Reported by Andy Frank - Thanks!)
  • Bug: The wrong number of public pods was displayed on the user page.


  • New: Dependency graph force layout on pod summary page.
  • Chg: Updated to Fantom 1.0.69 & IoC v3.


  • New: Added Pod search forms on the Index and Pods pages.
  • New: Added Fantom-Factory branding to the top nav bar.
  • New: Added Fantom-Factory icon to 404 page.
  • Chg: Tweaked the behaviour of the tag buttons on the All Pods page.
  • Chg: Upgraded to Bootstrap v3.3.5.
  • Chg: Added Documentation section to Pod Summary pages.
  • Chg: Pod pages masquerade as the Summary page when sending page views to Google Analytics; for better reporting.
  • Chg: Moved Releases from a side menu to a sub heading on Pod summary pages. This gives documentation better visibility.
  • Chg: Added canonical links from old pod pages to the new version.
  • Chg: Added AnchorJS to slot IDs on API pages.
  • Bug: Side menu would overlay the main page in XS view.


  • New: Pods may be filtered by tag category on All Pods page.
  • New: Pod tags are displayed in pod listings.
  • New: 404 Not Found Page.
  • New: Side menus are Bootstrap affixed in place.
  • New: Using ScrollSpy highlighting on Pod doc pages.
  • New: Added basic Stats page for tracking downloads.
  • Chg: Duvet Modules are cached via ColdFeet.
  • Bug: Tables in Pod API Page weren't sorted alphabetically.
  • Bug: Links in DocTypeRef (API hierarchy) went to the wrong version of the linked pod.
  • Bug: Ensured that Fandoc anchor IDs are alphaNumeric - required for Bootstrap ScrollSpy.


  • New: Preview release.