Fancordion 1.1.6
A tool for creating automated acceptance tests and specification documents

Fancordion is a tool for creating automated acceptance tests, transforming your boring unit tests into beautiful specification documents! It is similar to Cucumber but focuses on readability and presentation.

Fancordion embeds test results directly into your test documentation, giving it real meaning.


  • Pretty - creates beautiful HTML output.
  • Simple - run Fancordion tests with fant, just like a unit test!
  • Linkable - create organised and hierarchical result pages.
  • Extensible - write your own custom commands with ease.
  • Skinnable - customise your HTML reports as you see fit.

<mark>Fancordion</mark> Example

Fancordion was inspired by Java's Concordion.

For a great explanation of how to write great acceptance tests, along with do's and don't's, see Hints and Tips on the Concordion website.



To install Fancordion with Fantom Pod Manager, cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install Fancordion with the Fantom Repository Manager (fanr), cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install manually, download the pod file and copy it to the %FAN_HOME%/lib/fan/ directory.

afFancordion.pod (192.83 kB)


To use Fancordion in a Fantom project, add a dependency to the project's

depends = ["sys 1.0", ..., "afFancordion 1.1.6 - 1.1"]



Meta information on the Fancordion pod:

Published by
Steve Eynon
Fantom-Factory Ltd
Pod file size
192.83 kB
Built on
14th Jul 2023
Source code
via Git at
Depends on
afBeanUtils, afPlastic, compiler, concurrent, fandoc, sys
Referenced by
Javascript Compatible

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There have been 9 releases of Fancordion: