RefluxRelease Notes



  • Chg: Dialogues.openMsgBox() now takes a func param to customise the Dialog.
  • Chg: Added config placeholders to Menus and renamed the separator IDs.


  • Chg: Updated to work with IoC 3.0.4.
  • Chg: Dropped format prefix on LocaleFormat methods.
  • Chg: Reflux.resolve() now takes a checked param.


  • New: Reflux now compiles to Javascript and runs in a browser!
  • Chg: Updated to use IoC v3.
  • Bug: Errs thrown in an Errors error handler could cause a stack overflow.


  • New: ResourceTable fwt widgit and corresponding ResourceTableModel class.
  • New: ResourceTree.isExpanded() and ResourceTree.setExpanded().
  • New: Added EventHub.deregister().
  • Chg: Reflux.showPanel() activates the panel should it already be showing.
  • Chg: Fixed potential null err when loading a resource.
  • Bug: Minor refresh tweaks.


  • New: Implemented Save All global command.
  • New: TreeResource.selected and TreeResource.nodeAt().
  • Chg: Refreshing a resource also refreshes all Views.
  • Chg: Added onRefresh(Resource? resource) event.
  • Chg: Resource.children() and Resource.parent() now return Uri, not resources.
  • Chg: Added New, Cut, Copy and Paste global commands.
  • Chg: Added cache busting when loading images.


  • Chg: now returns what the worker returns.
  • Chg: Removed PanelTabPane fudge for Explorer's HtmlView.
  • Bug: Browser incorrectly decoded hyperlink URIs.


  • New: ProgressDialogue widget for showing the progress of work.
  • Chg: Added default param skipEventRaising to Errors.add().


  • New: Use RefluxBuilder to build and launch Reflux applications.
  • New: Added a ResourceTree widget and corresponding Resource.children() and Resource.parent() methods.
  • Bug: Default View.refresh() could cause a NullErr.


  • New: View.onDrop() event handler for FWT file drops.
  • New: Dialogues service so calls may be intercepted.
  • Chg: Panel.refresh() now takes an optional resource hint.
  • Chg: Toned down the alerting on UnresolvedErrs.
  • Chg: Preferences are cached on name, not type, to allow multiple prefs of same type.
  • Bug: Reflux now explicitly depends on Fantom 1.0.67 - Thanks LightDye!
  • Bug: NullErr if you tried to remove a GlobalCommand invoker that didn't exist.
  • Bug: Views are asked if they wish to close on application exit. (Again!)


  • New: Initial release.