get startedUsing fanr

This Pod Repository is fanr compatible, meaning the fanr command line tool may be used to query, install and publish pods to and from your local Fantom installation.

The base fanr URL for this repository is:

Querying Pods

To query for pods, use the query syntax:

C:\> fanr query -r "*mongo*"

Note that this will only display public pods. To include your own private pods in the results, you must send your credentials.

C:\> fanr query -u -p password -r "*mongo*"

Where -u is the email address used to create your account.

Installing Pods

To install pods from this repository onto your local machine, use the fanr install command:

C:\> fanr install -r "somePod"

Or to install a specific version of a pod:

C:\> fanr install -r "somePod 1.0.0"

Again, if the pod is private to you, then you must supply your credentials:

C:\> fanr install -u -p password -r "somePod 1.0.0"

Publishing Pods

Pods may also be published to this repository via the fanr publish command.

To publish, your credentails must be supplied everytime:

C:\> fanr publish -u -p password -r somePod.pod