Fantom Pod Repository

Libraries for the Fantom Language are called pods.

This is a repository of pods.



This repository has 748 public versions of 105 public pods.

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Latest Updates

FPM (Fantom Pod Manager) 2.1.6

FPM (Fantom Pod Manager) 2.1.6 by Steve Eynon

11th Jun 2024
Manages pods and their dependencies, providing a targeted environment for building, testing, and running Fantom apps
API / User Guide

Json 2.0.16

Json 2.0.16 by Steve Eynon

14th Feb 2024
A JSON to Fantom object mapping library
API / User Guide

Sizzle 1.1.0

Sizzle 1.1.0 by Steve Eynon

10th Feb 2024
A library for querying XML documents by means of CSS 2.1 selectors
API / User Guide

redis 0.3

redis 0.3 by afrankvt

11th Jan 2024
Redis API for Fantom
API / User Guide

Slim 1.5.0

Slim 1.5.0 by Steve Eynon

8th Jan 2024
A concise and lightweight templating language for generating HTML
API / User Guide

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Latest Pods

qrgen 1.0

qrgen 1.0 by afrankvt

22nd Sep 2023
QR code generator library

cron 1.1

cron 1.1 by afrankvt

18th Feb 2023
Cron Scheduling API

hCaptcha 0.0.8

hCaptcha 0.0.8 by Steve Eynon

4th Oct 2023
Client and Server code to process hCaptcha challenges (Internal)
API / User Guide

Morphia IoC 1.0.2

Morphia IoC 1.0.2 by Steve Eynon

29th May 2022
IoC Contributions for Mongo and Morphia
User Guide

tinypng 0.1

tinypng 0.1 by afrankvt

23rd Mar 2022
TinyPng image compression API for Fantom
API / User Guide

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