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Libraries for the Fantom Language are called pods.

This is a repository of pods.



This repository has 740 public versions of 104 public pods.

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Latest Updates

Pegger 1.1.8

Pegger 1.1.8 by Steve Eynon

3rd Sep 2023
Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) for when Regular Expressions just aren't enough!
API / User Guide

Bounce 1.1.14

Bounce 1.1.14 by Steve Eynon

24th Jul 2023
A headless browser for testing web sites and BedSheet applications
API / User Guide

Form Bean 1.2.10

Form Bean 1.2.10 by Steve Eynon

24th Jul 2023
Renders Fantom objects as HTML forms complete with client and server side validation
API / User Guide

Fancordion 1.1.6

Fancordion 1.1.6 by Steve Eynon

14th Jul 2023
A tool for creating automated acceptance tests and specification documents
API / User Guide

Fandoc 2.0.6

Fandoc 2.0.6 by Steve Eynon

8th Jul 2023
Intelligent and extensible Fandoc writers (Internal)
API / User Guide

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Latest Pods

cron 1.1

cron 1.1 by afrankvt

18th Feb 2023
Cron Scheduling API

hCaptcha 0.0.6

hCaptcha 0.0.6 by Steve Eynon

2nd Nov 2022
Client and Server code to process hCaptcha challenges (Internal)
API / User Guide

Morphia IoC 1.0.2

Morphia IoC 1.0.2 by Steve Eynon

29th May 2022
IoC Contributions for Mongo and Morphia
User Guide

tinypng 0.1

tinypng 0.1 by afrankvt

23rd Mar 2022
TinyPng image compression API for Fantom
API / User Guide

jsch 0.1.63

jsch 0.1.63 by Matthew

22nd Jun 2021
JAVA Secure Channel (JSch - mwiede fork)

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