const mixinafBedSheet::ResponseProcessor


Implement to define a ResponseProcessor.

ResponseProcessors are responsible for processing the return values from request handlers. Often this involves sending content to the client.

Example ResponseProcessors that are provided by BedSheet are:

  • RedirectProcessor - sets the Location HTTP response header and a corresponding HTTP status code.
  • TextProcessor - sets the Content-Type HTTP response header and sends the text to the client.

IoC Configuration

Instances of ResponseProcessor should be contributed to the ResponseProcessors service and mapped to an Type representing the object it handles.

For example, in your AppModule class:

@Contribute { serviceType=ResponseProcessors# }
Void contributeResponseProcessors(Configuration config) {
    config[User#] = UserInfoPage()


abstract Obj process(Obj response)

Return true if a response has been sent to the client and all processing has finished. Else return a response object for further processing, example, Text or HttpStatus.