** [IoC Config]`pod:afIocConfig` values for 'Cold Feet'.
const mixin ColdFeetConfigIds {

    ** The prefix given to all URIs that are to be served by 'Cold Feet'. 
    ** All incoming requests starting with this URL are processed by 'Cold Feet'.
    ** Must be a simple string conforming to 'Uri.isName()'.
    ** Defaults to 'coldFeet'. Boring people may wish to change this to 'assets' or similar.
    static const Str urlPrefix  := "afColdFeet.urlPrefix"

    ** A 'Duration' specifying how long clients should cache assets for. 
    ** Defaults to an aggressive 1 year: '365day'
    static const Str expiresIn  := "afColdFeet.expiresIn"