** A repository of pods; usually a local directory or a fanr repository.
** Repository classes are instantiated by `FpmConfig`.
const mixin Repository {

    ** Name of the repository.
    abstract Str name()
    ** URL of where the repository is located.
    abstract Uri url()

    ** Installs the given pod.
    ** Returns the newly installed 'PodFile'.
    abstract PodFile    upload      (PodFile podFile)

    ** Returns a file representation of the given pod.
    abstract File       download    (PodFile podFile)
    ** Deletes the given pod.
    abstract Void       delete      (PodFile podFile)
    ** Returns 'true' if this repository is local / hosted on the file system.
    abstract Bool       isLocal     ()

    ** Returns 'true' if this repository is remote / hosted on the Internet.
             Bool       isRemote    () { !isLocal }
    ** Returns 'true' if this repository is backed by fanr.
    abstract Bool       isFanrRepo  ()

    ** Returns 'true' if this repository is just a single directory of pods.
             Bool       isDirRepo   () { !isFanrRepo }
    ** Cleans up any cached information this repository may hold.
    abstract Void       cleanUp     ()

    abstract Str        dump        ()
    ** Returns the latest version of all pods this repository holds.
    abstract PodFile[]  resolveAll  ()
    ** Returns a list of all 'PodFiles' that match the given dependency.
    ** Options are targeted at remote fanr repositories and may include:
    **  - 'maxPods  (Int)'     - the maximum number of pods to return. (defaults to 5).
    **  - 'corePods (Bool)'    - also query for core pods.
    **  - 'minVer   (Version)' - the min pod version to query for.
    **  - 'log      (Log)'     - query results will be logged to this.
    abstract PodFile[]  resolve     (Depend depend, Str:Obj? options)
    ** Creates a local directory repository for the given directory. 
    static new makeDirRepo(File dir) {
        LocalDirRepository(dir.osPath, dir)

    ** Creates a fanr repository (local or remote) for the given URL. 
    static new makeFanrRepo(Uri url, Str? username := null, Str? password := null) {
        if (url.scheme == null   || url.scheme == "file")
            return LocalFanrRepository(url.toStr, url.toFile)
        if (url.scheme == "http" || url.scheme == "https")
            return RemoteFanrRepository(url.toStr, url, username, password)
        throw ArgErr("Unknown scheme '${url.scheme}' in $url")
    @NoDoc override Str toStr()             { "$name - $url" }
    @NoDoc override Int hash()              { url.hash }
    @NoDoc override Bool equals(Obj? that)  { (that as Repository)?.url == url }