using [java] io.bit3.jsass::OutputStyle

** Sass CSS output style.
** See [Sass Output Style]`` for details.
enum class SassOutputStyle {

    ** Nested style is the default Sass style, because it reflects the structure of the CSS styles and the HTML
    ** document they’re styling. Each property has its own line, but the indentation isn’t constant.
    ** Each rule is indented based on how deeply it’s nested.

    ** Expanded is a more typical human-made CSS style, with each property and rule taking up one line.
    ** Properties are indented within the rules, but the rules aren’t indented in any special way.

    ** Compact style takes up less space than Nested or Expanded.
    ** It also draws the focus more to the selectors than to their properties.
    ** Each CSS rule takes up only one line, with every property defined on that line.
    ** Nested rules are placed next to each other with no newline, while separate groups of rules have
    ** newlines between them.

    ** Compressed style takes up the minimum amount of space possible, having no whitespace except that necessary to
    ** separate selectors and a newline at the end of the file. It also includes some other minor compressions, such as
    ** choosing the smallest representation for colors. It’s not meant to be human-readable.
    ** The Sass output style.
    OutputStyle outStyle() {
        // OutputStyle is NOT const, so we can't set it as a field
        switch (this) {
            case nested     : return OutputStyle.NESTED
            case expanded   : return OutputStyle.EXPANDED
            case compact    : return OutputStyle.COMPACT
            case compressed : return OutputStyle.COMPRESSED
            default         : throw UnsupportedErr(this.toStr)
    Bool isMinified() {
        this == compressed