const classafSleepSafe::CspGuard

  afSleepSafe::CspGuard : afSleepSafe::Guard

Guards against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) by setting an Content-Security-Policy HTTP response header that tells browsers to restrict where content can be loaded from.

Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self'; font-src 'self'; object-src 'none'

See and Content-Security-Policy on MDN for details.

By default, Sleep Safe sets the following content directives:

    default-src 'self';
    base-uri 'self';
    form-action 'self';
    frame-ancestors 'self';
    object-src 'none';
    report-uri /_sleepSafeCspViolation;

Which essentially locks all content down to that served by the BedSheet server and disables object tags.

SleepSafe also sets up a BedSheet Route (report-uri) that browsers can report violations to. The default implementation logs a pretty printed version of the report JSON.

The default strategy is a good base to start with. You can then upgrade the directives as and when you need to. Although beware of inline scripts and style tags, as these will also be disabled. See Implementing Content Security Policy for details.

The reporting mechanism is good for development, but you may want to turn it off for production as browser add-ons can cause violations, flooding your server.

Ioc Configuration

afIocConfig Key



Any config starting with afSleepSafe.csp. (note the trailing dot) is taken as a CSP directive and used as is. Set to null to remove a directive.


If true then the Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only header is set, which doesn't block anything but still sends violation reports. Defaults to false.


The reporting function (immutable) that's invoked with the browsers violation JSON. Set to null to disable report handling and the default BedSheet route.


@Contribute { serviceType=ApplicationDefaults# }
Void contributeAppDefaults(Configuration config) {
    // configure CSP
    config["afSleepSafe.cspReportOnly"]   = true
    config["afSleepSafe.cspReportFn"]     = |Str:Obj? reportJson| { echo(reportJson) }.toImmutable

    // set CSP directives
    config["afSleepSafe.csp.default-src"] = "'none'"
    config["afSleepSafe.csp.font-src"]    = "'self'"

To prevent CSP violations from being logged on the server, override the FactoryDefaults by setting either (or both) of the following to null in ApplicationDefaults:

config[""] = null
config["afSleepSafe.cspReportFn"]    = null

To disable CSP, remove this class from the SleepSafeMiddleware configuration:

@Contribute { serviceType=SleepSafeMiddleware# }
Void contributeSleepSafeMiddleware(Configuration config) {


const Str:Str directives

The Content-Security-Protection directives that get passed to the browser