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About Me

Hello! I'm Steve Eynon and I'm a computer programmer!

I started programming when I was 8 years old. I was lured in by a rubber keyed ZX Spectrum 48K. There I quickly progressed to Assembler and wrote 3D Vector Demos on the Commodore Amiga. Subsequently I moved through C and Visual Basic before turning to Java and web applications, where I stayed for 10 years or more. More recently I've been involved with Ruby, C# and Javascript.

All that experience has led to me to really appreciate the Fantom language. It tackles all the hard concepts like concurrency, state and serialisation, and does them right! It means I can concentrate on real application problems, and not pseudo-problems introduced by the language. (Why should I care about mutual exclusion and double locking failures? Managers don't!)

Fantom also has small things like field properties, nullable types, and even Elvis(!) that make it a joy to program. It's a pragmatic language that lets me get stuff done.

So now I write programs and libraries in Fantom.

I post on the Fantom Forum under the pseudonym SlimerDude and give updates on the Fantom Google+ page.

Public Published Pods

Steve Eynon has published 657 public versions of 61 public pods.

NameVersionBuilt OnJSSummaryDocumentation
ANSI Terminal0.9.013th Nov 2017ANSI Terminal FWT Widget
Ask Fanny0.0.426th Aug 2017Mini search engine for the Fantom reference documentation
Atom1.0.21st Jun 2015A library for creating Atom (RSS) Feed Documents (Internal)
Bean Utils1.0.1414th Apr 2023Utilities and software patterns commonly associated with data objects (Internal)
Bed Nap0.1.01st Aug 2016A simple BedSheet application; use it to kickstart your own Bed Apps!
BedSheet1.5.187th Dec 2022A framework and IoC container for web applications
BedSheet Draft1.1.1010th Apr 2016A library for integrating 'draft' components with the BedSheet web framework
BedSheet Moustache1.0.1410th Apr 2016Integrates Mustache templates with the BedSheet web framework
Bounce1.1.1424th Jul 2023A headless browser for testing web sites and BedSheet applications
Bson2.0.47th Jun 2022A BSON specification implementation
Butter1.2.1417th Feb 2022Helps ease HTTP requests through a stack of middleware
Cold Feet1.4.010th Apr 2016An asset caching strategy for your Bed Application
Concurrent1.0.2828th Jan 2023Utility classes for synchronising and sharing data between threads
Duvet1.1.1212th Aug 2020Something soft and comfortable to wrap your Javascript up in!
efan2.0.617th May 2023A library for rendering Embedded Fantom templates
efanXtra2.0.613th Sep 2020A library for creating reusable Embedded Fantom (efan) components
Eggbox0.2.22nd Dec 2022A website for uploading, viewing, and downloading Fantom pods. Host your very own Pod Repository!
Escape the Mainframe1.0.05th Sep 2017A jump game rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics!
Explorer0.1.1213th Feb 2022A Reflux file explorer application with reusable editors and viewers
Fancom1.0.413th Apr 2013A Fantom / COM Automation bridge for the JVM Runtime
Fancom SAPI1.0.428th Mar 2013Fancom Classes for Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) 5.4
Fancordion1.1.614th Jul 2023A tool for creating automated acceptance tests and specification documents
Fancordion Bootstrap1.0.29th Apr 2016Bootstrap and Bootswatch skins for Fancordion test results
Fandoc2.0.68th Jul 2023Intelligent and extensible Fandoc writers (Internal)
FantomMappy1.0.612th Jul 2016A playback library for tile maps created with Mappy
Find Emma!1.0.225th Mar 2018A retro text adventure game created as a Birthday present for my wife Emma
Form Bean1.2.1024th Jul 2023Renders Fantom objects as HTML forms complete with client and server side validation
FPM (Fantom Pod Manager)2.1.418th Dec 2021Manages pods and their dependencies, providing a targeted environment for building, testing, and running Fantom apps
Gamepad0.0.426th Mar 2017Gamepad controller library (Internal)
Google Analytics0.1.101st Jun 2020An IoC service to render Google's Universal Analytics script (Internal)
Google ReCAPTCHA0.0.425th Jul 2020Client and Server code to process Google reCAPTCHA responses (Internal)
Gundam2.1.219th Jul 2016A pure Fantom horizontally scrolling shoot'em'up
hCaptcha0.0.84th Oct 2023Client and Server code to process hCaptcha challenges (Internal)
HTML Parser0.2.88th Jul 2020Because only Chuck Norris can parse HTML with regular expressions (Internal)
IoC3.0.86th Dec 2019A fast, lightweight, and highly customisable Dependency Injection framework
IoC Config1.1.212th Jan 2021An IoC library for providing injectable config values
IoC Env1.1.09th Apr 2016A library for determining the application environment; dev, test, stage, or prod
Json2.0.1614th Feb 2024A JSON to Fantom object mapping library
JSON-RPC1.0.211th Nov 2022An implementation of the JSON-RPC v2.0 specification
less4f0.0.29th May 2015A wrapper around Less4j - the pure Java compiler for Less (Internal)
Markdown Parser0.1.016th Apr 2020Parses Markdown text into Fandoc objects (Internal)
Micromod1.0.44th Jan 2015A music player for MOD, S3M, and XM files
Mongo2.1.821st Oct 2022A pure Fantom driver for MongoDB
Morphia2.0.414th Oct 2022A Fantom to MongoDB object mapping library
Morphia IoC1.0.229th May 2022IoC Contributions for Mongo and Morphia
Parrot Drone SDK 20.0.84th Jul 2017An SDK for remotely piloting the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quadcopter
Pegger1.1.83rd Sep 2023Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) for when Regular Expressions just aren't enough!
Pickle1.0.416th Apr 2023Pickles Fantom objects to and from strings
Pillow1.2.227th Apr 2020Something for your web app to get its teeth into!
Plastic1.1.814th Jun 2023A library for dynamically generating and compiling Fantom code (Internal)
Reflux0.1.49th Oct 2016A framework and IoC container for creating FWT applications
Sass4f0.2.028th Nov 2021A wrapper around libSass 3.6.4 - the compiler for Sass and Scss
Sitemap1.1.213th Apr 2020Creates XML sitemaps for BedSheet Applications (Internal)
Sizzle1.1.010th Feb 2024A library for querying XML documents by means of CSS 2.1 selectors
Sleep Safe1.0.617th May 2020Sleep safe knowing you're guarded against CSRF, XSS, and other web attacks
Slim1.5.08th Jan 2024A concise and lightweight templating language for generating HTML
WebSockets0.2.028th May 2018A pure Fantom implementation of the W3C WebSocket API for use by clients and servers