using afIoc
using afEfan

** (Service) - Methods for discovering efan components.
const mixin EfanXtra {

    ** Returns all the names of contributed libraries.
    abstract Str[] libraryNames()

    ** Returns an 'EfanLibrary' by contribution name.
    ** Throws 'ArgErr' if not found.
    abstract EfanLibrary library(Str name)

    ** Returns the component instance for the given type.
    abstract EfanComponent component(Type componentType)

    ** Returns the component instance for the given type.
    ** Convenience / alias for 'component(...)'.
    EfanComponent get(Type componentType) {

    @NoDoc @Deprecated
    abstract EfanLibrary[] libraries()

internal const class EfanXtraImpl : EfanXtra {

    @Inject private const ComponentCache    componentCache
    @Inject private const ComponentMeta     componentMeta
    @Inject private const EfanLibraries     efanLibraries
    new make(|This|in) { in(this) }

    override EfanComponent component(Type componentType) {
    override EfanLibrary library(Str name) {

    override Str[] libraryNames() {
    override EfanLibrary[] libraries() {