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Release Notes


  • Bug: VideoStreamer.pngImage wasn't being updated.


  • New: Example programs for viewing NavData and processing video data.
  • New: Roundel detection methods and docs.
  • New: Absolute movement mode.
  • New: Added VideoCamera and VideoResolution enums.
  • New: Video frame error listeners.
  • Chg: Better initial drone connection sequence.
  • Chg: Renamed session config for selecting camera and changing resolution.
  • Chg: Un-NoDoc'ed the advanced Cmd class and a few drone methods.
  • Chg: More robust MP4 support.
  • Chg: Renamed a few other config settings.
  • Bug: Can now select bottom camera and change the video codec resolution.


  • New: Video camera support via Drone.onVideoFrame() hook.
  • New: VideoStreamer class that saves video files, integrates with FFMPEG, and streams PNG images.
  • Chg: Better disconnect handling.


  • New: Preview release.