const classxfant::TestSuite

  xfant::TestSuite : xfant::Xtest

Creates a group of test from a Test# subclass.

The type must be a Test# subclass.

  • Cannot be abstract.
  • Each method that starts with "test" that not is abstract is added to list variable tests.

If the type has a facet @Ignore the test cases are not created and tests variable is an empty list.

See TestCase.


virtual override Str classname()

Qualified classname to wich this tests belongs.


static Slot[] findTestMethods(Type type)

Find all methods in a type that starts with test and are non abstract


static TestSuite[] fromPod(Pod pod)

Creates a test for a pod. Take all classes in the pod that are subclasses of Test#, non abstract and creates a testcase for each of them.


static new fromStr(Str pattern, Bool checked := true)

Match pattern with pod::type and returns a TestSuite with all the test cases extracted from the type. if pattern does not match and checked is true throws an ArgErr error, else returns null.


Bool isIgnored()


new make(Type type)

Constructor from type adding all the test methods. See TestCase


virtual override Str name()

The name of this test is the type's classname.


const Xtest[] tests

Group of tests to execute.


const Type type

Type with the tests