AF-BedSheetEfan 1.0.8
A library for integrating Embedded Fantom (efan) templates with the afBedSheet web framework

BedSheetEfan is a Fantom library that integrates efan templates with the BedSheet web framework.

BedSheetEfan uses Ioc, therefore to use the EfanTemplates service you must @Inject it into your own service / class.

BedSheetEfan provides a cache of your compiled efan renderers, integrates into BedSheet's Err 500 page and lets you contribute efan view helpers on an application level.

See efan for Embedded Fantom documentation.

ALIEN-AID: Replace BedSheetEfan with efanXtra to create managed libraries of reusable Embedded Fantom (efan) components!



To install AF-BedSheetEfan with Fantom Pod Manager, cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install AF-BedSheetEfan with the Fantom Repository Manager (fanr), cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install manually, download the pod file and copy it to the %FAN_HOME%/lib/fan/ directory.

afBedSheetEfan.pod (17.04 kB)


To use AF-BedSheetEfan in a Fantom project, add a dependency to the project's

depends = ["sys 1.0", ..., "afBedSheetEfan 1.0.8 - 1.0"]



Meta information on the AF-BedSheetEfan pod:

Published by
Steve Eynon
Pod file size
17.04 kB
BSD 2-Clause License
Built on
25th Jan 2014
Source code
Depends on
afBedSheet, afBounce, afEfan, afIoc, afIocConfig, afPlastic, sys, web
Referenced by
Javascript Compatible

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